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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Economic Education

Foreclosures  are on the rise dispite what you've heard about a recovering economy ... and this time it isn't about people having more house than they can afford -- its about the lost of jobs.

Cities that have seen a large increase
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta (where they were bursting at the seams just a few years back)
  • 149 of Nation's largest cities have seen increase
Foreclosure rates increases:
Houston 26%
Seattle 23%
Atlanta 21%
Chicago 16%
1 in 45 households rec'd foreclosure filings 2010
2.9M homes rec'd foreclosures in 2010
increased by 1.67% over 2009
30K homeowners participated in Gov'ts anti-foreclosure Program (Dec 2010)
info from RealtyTrac

Good thing we went so deeply in Federal debt to "save" the country, huh?

It is worse now than it was under Carter, I swear ... we will never see 80cent loaves of bread again.

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