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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Putting my best foot forward

Some of you might know the old Roman custom of always entering a house of a friend with your right foot first ... The right foot being considered the "clean" or "cavorts" foot ... Thus the saying "putting the beat foot forward" ...

Well for me this became very literal today ... It turns out I have Plantar Foot ... Or what I call "Planter's Foot", rather fitting for a Farmer's wife don't you think?

It's an issue without the tendon that runs along the bottom of my foot - makes sense, I used to get a lot of Charlie Horses in that foot. Also I have really high arches bit tend to walk on the inside of my foot ... All this really stresses out the tendon they say.

Luckily the dr. Doesn't see any indication of a spur in there (a calcification of the torn ligament) that would require surgery & casting.

He did give me some exercises to do that are supposed to help loosen up the tendon and train it to stretch again like it's supposed to.

I should have taken care of this 2 yrs ago or so when I hurt my foot stepping out of the van - I felt the twang of the tendon when I did it. I babies it, soaked it in warm water baths thinking it was an issue with my calluses that I've had all my life but didn't start to bug me until moving into this house with it's concrete floors and poor padding under the carpets (I think they were put in during the 70's) if there is padding under this carpet it has certainly dissinigrated by now!

Most winters my callous does split, pretty deep too, it doesn't bleed but every step makes it spread ... Dr said that this wasn't the case this time and the callouses looked nice and thin this year ... Well not as thick as it normally does.

The pain was really bad this summer at the local Ren Faire - it got to the point where I couldn't enjoy myself ... As long as I stayed standing, or walking I was ok ... Bt the moment I sat down to eat something or take in a show ... Oh my gods ... It felt like someone was tearing the foot in half!

But I stuck it out as long as possible ... It was only happening after long bouts of shopping ... And then sitting in the car on the way home ...

They suggest online (not mentioned by the dr, but he was probablythinking it) that taking off some weight might help ... But according to the wii fit I've lost about 23lbs since April ... Not too shabby, especially since that was during "water retention time" for us ladies.

This isn't something that is going to go away over night ... It will take some work ... But. Now that I know what it is, I can figure a plan of attack.

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