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Friday, January 07, 2011

Health Care Law

Readers in CA may be feeling a bit pinched right now ...

besides the fact that their state House & Senate have California tittering on bankruptcy ... their moves as far as health care goes is making it harder on those who go thru Blue Shield.

CA Blue Shield is pushing for another rate hike ... they've already done so twice since the beginning of October, but this one will raise the rates for some by 59%

One has to wonder why? 

What is happening in the CA health care system that would make Blue Shield so desperate to get money out there.

the USHHS (US Health & Human Services) is looking into it as well ... I smell a deep audit coming up .... I hope.

Now that Pelosi isn't in power to cover their @$$es ... something might actually get done about it.

(hee hee I have controlled spell check back too)

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