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Friday, January 07, 2011


Hubby was able to peice together another computer for me .... a Frankenstein computer, if you will.

This means I can once again get to the auto-html option of blogger and I can control things a little better as far as appearance goes .... yay!!!

while the ipad was nice .... it really ruined the Kindle experience for me.

see .... I got used to being able to just use my finger to glide over the surface to get the machine to do what I want ... now the Kindle just seems clunky.

Don't get me wrong ... love my Kindle ... I take it with me when I'm going some place I have to wait for a while -- like the dr's office -- but I found myself yesterday (daughter has strep) trying to get the Kindle to pull up books by tapping the screen and not being able to figure out why the book/game wouldn't pull up. DUH

and it is nice to only have to have the smallishness of the ipad for blogging all over the house as opposed to the bigger laptop ... and then wondering if my battery is going to die in the middle of posting since the battery life of a laptop is only about 3 hrs (I can start and stop a post over a long time during the day) so I also have to make sure I have my docking station with me and I'm sitting close to a wall outlet.

But no auto-HTML ... I have to do it all myself -- oh I HATE that!

Google hasn't got a blogger app yet ... at least not that I can find ... so it was a bit of a pain.  and I had to stick with just the basics that I know fairly by heart.

but ...


I've got a computer back.

wonder if hubby is gonna take back the ipad now ... :( ... I better not tell him I've been using the new computer yet ....

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