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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leave Me Alone!!!

If you live in Arkansas or New York state ... get ready to get fined out of your butt!  Well your ears & eyeballs ...

They want to make it illegal for your to WALK and text & walk and listen to music ...

yeah you read that correctly ...

Never mind that earphones/music players have been around for decades now -- I think the first Walkman came out in the 1980's .... suddenly they think that iPods are too much of a distraction for people.

They don't even have any DATA to back up the reasons for the 'laws' ...

It will cost $100 for everytime you want to listen to your music while biking/hiking/jogging/walking in NYstate ....

In Arkansas they will allow you to listen to your music if you use only ONE earphone ... fine if you have ear buds, but if you have the paired kind (there are days I can not wear earbuds) you are screwed.  In fact I think it will cause more issues as people wear their headphones around their necks to hear their music and people waiting for a street light to change are going to go nuts.

What ever happened to letting people THINK for themselves???

Gee - I'm on a bike in traffic ... maybe I should turn down the volume. 
I'm about to cross a busy street - I better watch where I'm going and text on the other side of the road.

it is just stupid!

This is what is known as "Thinning the Herd" ...

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