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Monday, January 03, 2011

A rose by any other name ...

So there is this man who wants people to stop using the term "illegal alien" or "illegal immigrant" because it is degrading & stigmatic for those labelled it ... In stead he wants the term " undocumented immigrant" or "undocumented worker" to be used - his theory being that ILlegal status can only be determined by a judge and until these people are actually brought to trial they are not illegal yet...

Riiiiiiiight ... And it's not speeding it's "alternate velocity" and it's not stealing it "borrowing while awaiting permission" ...

He basically is saying that the laws only apply if yu get caught!

What an idiot
on a related issue ....

They now wish to make it possible for illegals to collect Unemployment.

But here's my question - isn't one of the reason that employers hire these people because then they don't have to pay the workman's comp & unemployment insurance on them?

So if we give them everything a legal citizen of the country gets, what is their incentive to become legal citizens? They don't pay in, they shouldn't get it.

And they wonder why there isn't enough money in the programs to keep them going. Welfare. Social security. Workman's comp. Retirement plans.

At some point we have got to say NO to someone other than our own citizens.

and to make this whole thing Even more ridiculous ... There is a group of ILlegals who are suing the United States government to stay in the country because they say they didn't understand the laws and didn't realize they were illegally in the country.

I don't know - they may have a case here ... After all how would they know that sneaking across the bourdere in the dead of night crouched in the back of a van avoiding the police would make them illegal? How were they to know that if you came on a student visa and didn't actually go to the school you applied to, or said you applied to, that you were in violation of that visa? Or that if you were in the country on a work visa that when your job was finished or you left the job or lost the job that you were no longer in the country legally?

Hmmmm ... Of course I am being completely facetious here and I do not know the real circumstances behind their deportation orders but I can imagine that these are probably the most likely reasons ... And no it's not "racist" - since being illegal has nothing to do with what nationality you are ... It is a status of being .... If I snuck up to Canada, I would be an illegal citizen there too - ANY ONE can be an illegal.

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