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Friday, February 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt Claims New Government

Okay - so they are claiming again today that Mubarak is at the Red Sea compound and that the Army is in charge but the VP will handle the day-to-day things.

None of this sounds right ...

it looked like the Mubarak speech from yesterday was pre-taped ... but he didn't give any indication that he was actually stepping down.  It seems as if he has conveniently disappeared.

I still say that if he had decided to step down then he would have been calling Isreal, the US, Canada, the Queen/PM of England, etc. to give them the heads up first ... so they would know who they are dealing with.

This really seems to me to be a military coup with the vp as the beard ...

I hope the Egyptian people know what they are getting into and this isn't going to be another Iraq ... you know, they were happy when Saddam got toppled but then didn't have any idea what they would do? and then they complained because they didn't realize just how much the government did.

I hope that things go along peacefully for them without too much interruption of daily life unless its for the better ... but change is never smooth.  Even in a society where things are set up to handle change, there are issues.

OOOOOO - it sounds like the military has taken total control

the news (ABC) is reporting that the VP office may not exist at all anymore

The VP might be out of a job completely - not even as interim president ....

this is getting "interesting" .... keep an eye on things .... especially your wallet.

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