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Thursday, February 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt to get new government

(On Going UpDates Posted at Bottom)
CNN twitter reporting that Mubarak is handing the power over to the vice-president very soon.
Information Secetary of Egypt told Rueters that Mubarak is NOT stepping down
Egyptian State newspaper reporting that Secetary General of the "National Democratic Party" has asked Mubarak to hand over power (info reported via twitter by third party)
Official reports say that Mubarak is NOT in Cairo - that he has gone to his compound at the Red Sea with the leader of the Egyptian army. (Reuters)

The military has announced on National television that it has stepped in to 'guard the country' ... and it assured people that Mubarak will "meet their demands" (AP)
There has been a report on a minor (at least I think they are) Internet news blog that the Saudi Arabian King called President Obama and told him not to "humiliate" Mubarak ... and that if the US pulls funding/aid for Egypt, then Saudi Arabia will step in and give the money.
New reports are that Sec Gen of NDP has stopped Mubarak from making speech handing power to VP of Egypt ...
To hand power to VP would mean Egypt has to change their Constitution ... CNN.
Most of staff evacuated from Egyptian TV in fears of protesters breaking in ... so you have to wonder if they think the announcement isn't going to be what the people are expecting.
Penetta originally said CIA reported that Mubarak would be stepping down - but now he is saying he has no news from the CIA, that the info he was repeating from other news reports he had heard.
Now doesn't that inspire confidence?
Isreal is on pins & needles waiting to see what happens - they are concerned that new power coming in might dump the Peace Treaty that Egypt and Isreal had just signed not that long ago.
Egyptian Information Secetary saying that Mubarak has not left the country ...
Muslim Brotherhood sources claim he has ....
Official at Egyptian airport saying that presidential vehicles have not been alerted, so indication Mubarak not leaving.
wow - can't believe nothing officially has happened yet ... everything I've already posted is just hitting the airwaves at 1pm ct.  cool

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