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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Holy Ice Balls, Batman!!!

Holy crap its cold .... its not even midnight yet and we already have a -22F windchill (for our European/Canadian readers, that is -28C) the regular temp is -5F (-20C) ... and its going to be colder tomorrow even with the sun up!

Keeping the kids home is not an option ... even though they have to wait out in the open cold for about 10 minutes for the blooming bus ....

I wanted to put in a 'bus shelter' down there went we first moved in - a wooden playhouse with lighting that would shut off after the kids leave (motion triggered) ... but hubby didn't think we could since the city would consider it an out-building and we have our allotment of those already. 

There was also the concern of bees/wasps/hornets nesting in there over the summer when it wasn't in use ... and the building 'growing legs' and wandering off ... then too, our oldest son is well over 6ft ... our youngest son will be lucky if he reaches 5ft8in before gradualtion I swear ...

Interestingly enough - the house is not as cold as it usually is when the wind is up this high ... normally it is cutting right thru the concrete walls ... but it seems nice and warm today.

or maybe its just me - I'm supposed to be 'peri-menapausal' according to one doctor... maybe I'm having a hot-flash but its so cold it just feels 'normal' ... hmmm.

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