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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Numerology Class

Polls are in!
Now according to the President (during his Bill O'Rielly interview Super Bowl sunday) the "vast majority" of Americans approved of the Health Care Law .... and it is a law now ... well, for now.

He was wrong, of course.
Rasmussen polls show that 58% want the Health Care law appealled, 63% amongst the Independants
Gallop Polls show that 56% of people don't approve of his health care policy, 68% amongst the independants

He also stated that they had 12 judges side with them, and 2 did not ... that's not true either.**see note at end of post**
Debt & Deficit vs. Approval rating
27% of those polls approved of the Presidents handling of the National Debt
68% disapprove on his job on the Deficit (81% of independents)

60% Disapprove (68% amongst independants)
37% Approve
Gallop Poll
1,015 adults; Feb 2-5
MOE +/- 4%


**They had 2 cases make it to trial ... the others were thrown out on technicalities not merits ... this means the judges did NOT feel the law was 'constitutional' it just meant that an 'i' wasn't dotted, a 't' wasn't crossed, or someone didn't mind their 'p's & 'q's.

The real numbers right now are that two judges found that - only part of the law was unconstitutional so most of it could stand ... and two judges found that it was NOT Constitutional and the whole of it needed to be thrown out.

As a matter of fact - the case in FL is perhaps the best known of these cases ... the Apallet (sp?) court judge ruled that the single clause that FORCED people to purchase health insurance was unconstitutional - but because of the way the lawyers for the WH argued it, they said that it was intrical and the law could not stand without the clause - that by removing that single clause made the rest of the law fall apart, that is why he ruled against the whole of the law.

Had the lawyers argued that that single clause could be removed and it would be fine - then the rest of it would have been left alone.

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