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Monday, March 07, 2011


I know I still haven't put up the post about the last day of Westminster ... I'll get to it, don't worry ...

Communicating with your Pup ... or not so 'Pup" anymore ... According to Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer)
  • barking
  • whines/yelps
  • growls
  • snarls
  • howls
  • position of body & parts of body
  • fur (standing up/laying down)
  • ears (position)
  • Eyes
  • mouth (not all snarls are mean, not all 'smiles' are nice)
  • tails (not all wagging is friendly)
Actually - having grown up around dogs, having trained dogs since I was about 15yrs old ... it always amazes me at how many people don't know these things.

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