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Monday, March 07, 2011

Tiger Blood ... Adonis DNA ...

Well I'll leave it at that ... He does not look well (Charlie sheen)

Fox, interestingly enough, put up this fellows troubles over the years

1995: UCLA student accuses him of assault (supposedly because she wouldn't let him in her pants)... Settled out of court (don't know if that says more about him or her)

1997: domestic violence charges by brittney Ashland (slammed her head into stone floor and threatened to kill her) first he was 'not guilty' then plead 'no contest' ( that guilty without actually admitting it in court) he got fines and a suspended sentence

2006: Denise Richards (then his wife) says he beat her and threatened to kill her

2009:Brooke Mueller (another wife) was threatened with a knife; he entered rehab

2011: Brooke mueller took out restraining order against Sheen.

There's at least one more wife not heard from here ... I thought he had a wife before Denise that was short lived ... Just a few months I think ... Wonder what broke that one up.

This man has shot himself in the foot this time ... I just cant see him coming out of this one ... He will end in a tragedy ... I just hope he doesn't take anyone with him ... I can see something really bad happening ... Really really bad .. Like "return to the valley of the dolls" bad ... Charlie gets to play the role of Wonder Woman in that production ... The crzy part, not the gay part.

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