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Monday, March 07, 2011

Economic Education

Okay - I saw this on "Fox & Friends" this morning and just had to share .... a feature titled

Job Discrimination?

by the sounds of it, there is an entire group which is not being counted into the 8.9% unemployment rate -- and these people say they were told not to even look for work because employers what workers who have not been laid-off ... at least not at the time they apply.

Employers seem to think that if you are unemployed your skills have highly deminished ...

ads will say things like "no calls" or "no layoffs" ... and people are claiming discrimination ... or the ones they can find are considered 'free lance' jobs where they get NO benefits - and companies like it because they don't have to pay unemployment insurance.

ok - I'm sorry but I think there is less discrimination to the 'previously employed' than towards those without work experience ....

We told our kids that they could not work in high school because grades came first -- BUT, if you are 18 and looking for your first job off the farm, forget it!  Farm work is not considered 'previous work experience' ... never mind the fact that to run a farm you have to be self-motivated ... never mind that fact that to work on a farm you have to anticipate problems and try to head them off way before hand .... never mind the fact that farm work is some of the toughest work you can do.

don't talk to me about not being able to find a job because you aren't currently working -- at least they would count your previous work experience.

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