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Monday, March 07, 2011

How to sound stupid in one fair swoop

UPDATE: switched over to the 'clunky' laptop so I can acutally use the HTML features on blogger ... you can't do that on the iPad, and I can look at what is being typed instead of where my fingers are going...
and its easy to scroll up & down the post without having to fight with the 'enlarge' feature .... oh I truly hate that part of it -- you try to scroll in your post to be sure that the auto correct hasn't screwed something up and all you succeed in doing is making the zoom go in & out ... grrrrrr
Type a post on the iPad!

I am beginning to hate my iPad ... At least for posting to the web.

I have been doing quite a few plot symmetries SUMMERIES on .... The last several that have come up have been very strange ....

Words smashed together because, while I hear the clicks on the iPad, the space simply didn't transfer to the post ... Names like Glenda have been changed to Gland .... "her into" changed to "heron" which makes absolutely no sense at all .....

I love some features of the autocorrect feature though .... I like not having to hit the shift key to capitalize certain words like "I" or hitting the shift after a period ... I like not having to worry about slipping in that apostrophe when typing really quickly on weds like isn't, didn't, can't, shouldn't, we've, etc - those ones we use so often.

I guess I would enjoy a "spell check" feature more than autocorrect on the iPad ... That way I can decide whether something is spellednwrong .... SPELLED WRONG ... With out having in be changed automatically and then finding the stupid error latest LATER that wasn't even my own fault.

I know that generally there is a little box that comes up next to a word that has the "correct" spelling in it, but when you are typing away at something at 90 wpm you can't really stop and check out every new word you type... Can you?

Then there is the size of that damn box ... It is so tiny that you really need a stylus to hit that teensy tiny X to cancel it out ... Can't tell you how many times I've tried to hit that x and instead have the screen register a "send" instead ... it is very large finger-tip unfriendly - you have to have those really skinny fingers to hit that X.

You just can not "touch type" on an iPad keyboard ... You can't watch the screen and what letters your fingers are touching at the same time ... You have to 'hunt & peck' on an iPad ... I hate that.

Yes I know that you can buy ... At cost ... An adapter to allow you to use a regular keyboard ... But I don't think you should have to pay extra to get a machine to do what it should already do from the beginning ...

I am sure that iPad is hoping that these will take off in the work place... But I have to tell you ... Based on what I've seen in just my casual use - I would not want it in my work area. I think it slows down production, cuts effeciency, and is more of a hassle than it's worth.

But then this s just my personal opinion ...and I'm hoping hubby doesn't see it ... He might take back the iPad ... I love the apps for it ... Just don't like the autocorrect feature.

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