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Friday, March 11, 2011


The japanese police have found the bodies of at least 300 people who are being assumed to be victims of the tsunami.  They are also trying to locate a boat that is reported to have over 100 people on board -- if it was caught in one of those whirlpools it might have been pulled under and may just be lost forever.

so sad ...

They are also reporting now that the quake did take down buildings and they have no idea how many might be trapped or dead in those.
Crescent city CA is expecing some major waves ... if you can imagine the CA map ... where the sharp elbow-corner is, draw a line straight out to the coast) ... close to SF, kind of ... is still saying they are getting data saying they will be getting 7ft waves or more ...
Japan is saying that the fires in the nuclear plants are out, but only live shots can tell ... and they just aren't having those right now.

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