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Friday, March 11, 2011

Numerology Class

meant to get these up earlier in the week but didn't get to it ...
Weekly Unemployment Claims
week ending March 5th
23,000 more than estimated
(I'm sorry but since you can do it on line, I can not see weather playing that huge a part in the numbers as the goverment claims it is)
29,000 more claims than week before
Boeing & Home Depot saying they are going to be added "substantially" to their work force
the $6.8Million that the teacher's union in NJ poured into lobbying against Gov. Christie's election:
  • NJ teacher starting salary: $44,872/yr
  • 151 teachers (not incl. all the benefits, just based on salaries)
  • 3,030 (20 kids/class) kids in smaller classrooms
over 1/3 of US population gets government checks as wages or salaries
(includes social security/welfare/ADC/unemployment/SSI/etc. but not as supplimental income)
how has this changed?
  • 1960 = 10% (Pres. Kennedy/Johnson)
  • 1970 = 13% (Pres. Nixon/Ford/Carter)
  • 1980 = 19.7% (Pres. Reagan/Bush)
  • 1990 = 21% (Pres. Bush1/Clinton)
  • 2000 = 21% (Pres. Clinton/Bush2)
  • 2010 = 35% (Pres. Obama)
I wish they had broken it down more as to which presidency seemed to have the higher ticks (such as during the 70s) but then I think its more fair to look to see who's control the congress was under at the time since they are the ones who pass the bills and such. (president cant sign it or veto it unless it gets thru them first)
$514 Billion increase
over last 2 yrs (incl. unemployment)
if trend continues,
 the goverment will be paying for
over 50% of wages within 4 years ...
43% of households pay no Federal Tax
(at 50% economists would call it socialism)

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