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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Their Own Words

Now I highly doubt that secretary of state Hillary Clinton meant to say it ... In fact it sounded like she simply tripped over her words ... But during a speech on the Libyan rebellion/revolution she said the following:
We have prevented a potential massacre, established a no-fly zone, stopped an advancing army, added more partners to this correlation, and transferred command of the military effort to NATO - that's not bad for a wait, a wer-, a week of work at a time of great intense international concern
yes she DID call it a "Wait-A-Week" of work ....

Now see that's what people have been complaining about since the first crisis the President faced ...

He likes that "wait-a-week" approach to things ... It might interrupt his golf game ... Or his basketball game ... Or a flight to a foreign country ... Or a campaign stop ...

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