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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's hitting the fan!!!!!

So by now you know about the end run that the republicans pulled on the democrats who pulled an end run around the republicans over the whole "Collective Bargaining" bill ( I.e. Forced unions) ... Well here is some of the results:

  • protracted are carried out of capital building

  • democratic state senators are now coming home [gee maybe if you were there from the beginning there could have been a decent amount of debating instead of throwing sand and running off]

  • unions are threatening legal action and state wide strikes

  • So what is the WI law regarding strikes?
  • no state worker can strike (governor can fire/suspend w/o pay, or get an injunction

  • if any injection is ignored, the union(s) can go to jail or be fined or both (usually it's the union leaders that go to jail over a strike not the actual protectors)

  • city/municipal workers fall under different rules

  • police & firefighters may NEVER strike (blue flu)

  • they can be fired/suspended/fined

  • other city workers can strike, but it depends on their contracts ... So it can vary widely from city to city

  • if they violate their contract, then they can also be fined/suspended/fired

  • Unions ar calling for teachers to walk off the job ... But teachers are afraid to alienate the parents any more who vote for levies and bonding issues ... Which in turns effects how many teachers a district can pay for and how much they can offer in pay.

    This isn't done yet ... There will be plenty more to come

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