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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Straight from the horse's mouth

"this clearly a violation of the open meetings law - you are shutting people down. It is improper for you to move forward while this is in violation of the open meetings law. You're not allowing amendments, that is wrong. Now I, mr chairman, this is a violation of law! This is not just the rule, it is the law. No mr chairman this is a violation of the open meetings law. It requires at least 24 - at least 2hours
Rep. Peter Barka (spelling is likely wrong)
Dem minority leader in WI state senate

While he might have a case of it being "not right" I do think he is wrong about it being against the law about having to allow amendments ... If that we're the case then Pelosi had been in violation for here 4 year tremendous.

It doesn't surprise me though that they can't see a problem with it when they do it, but have no issues crying in their hankies.

BUT the "Collective Bargaining" part of it was separated from the money part of things (although it will still effect the dollars column) so it was technically legal in that sense ...

And for this senator to moan about not enough notice being given before the meeting ... They have been asking the deems to get their asses back into WI for 3 weeks now and the deems have thumbed their noses at the system ... So how is this more wrong than what they did?

And the untold story about all this is the federal government interference with state workings ... There has been a movement in DC to have a majority of the WI republican senators recalled because they were supporting the collective-bargaining bill ...

While the majority of the WI deems wanted to go back and just deal with the situation, the dem leader made them stay in IL (supposably) because the higher ups in Washington wanted the focus off the recall process - that the Washington machine actually sent in people from other parts of the nation roofer see the process.

That IS totally illegal and unconstitutional ...

Geez ... pots and Kettles I tell ya'

What was it that Jesse Ventura used to call them?

Democrypts and Republoods?

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