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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Modern Day Slavery

That's is how Vikings quarterback Adrian Peterson described the low pay that the NFL owners are going to be giving the players ....

Of course, he is only going to get paid $10MILLION for the year whether he plays or not ...

He said in an interview from Africa where NFL players are doing some charity work ... Let's hope while he's there he can gain some perspective.

Or maybe we should have them do charity work in some owner city places ... Work that makes them have to help people who need help getting the day-to-day stuff instead of just doing the show up & sign autographs for charity crap that players seem so famous for.

Gee - I wonder why no one thinks it's worth spending public money on a stadium ...

Maybe because of comments that show how out of touch players really are.

Yes you are right Adrian ... It really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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