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Monday, April 04, 2011

Catch Up - news

Ok I'm play catch up with some of these news stories, so let's just get to it.

Airline quality passenger complaints up 28%
Flights are having better "arrival times" than before ... But that is because they confided a flight "arrived" when it hits the ground, not when it actually gets gated /unloaded.

Chicago UFOs were actually "lanterns" attached to balloons that were released ... I have not seen the full video but I would at how the movement was - linear =balloons, variable= something else.

NCAA basketball .... Final four ... WHO CARES?!

Dodger fans attack giants fan outside stadium ... My guess is alcohol has something to do with it ... Duh ... Unfortunately the poor victim is in the hospital and had have a piece of his skull removed to relieve pressure on the brain from the swelling the beating caused.
So this wasn't just some fist fight ... These IDIOTS pummeled this guy -- the beating they gave him ... They Had to know that they were causing serious injury!

Cracked airplanes ... Well they know this has been going on since the 70's after the flight in Hawaii where the whole top of the plane sheared off ... The problem there was the square windows, but they also found cracking in the metal in other stressed areas as well ... That was when the ground crews we're told to start checking and reporting any cracks, major or minor, to the people in charge. But there are several other factors to take into consideration ... Not the least of which is the global warming movement - you cannot find metal these days that isn't at least 25% recycled material, I'm sorry but airplanes/tanks/nuclear power plants you do NOT want made with inferior or sub grade products to save costs.

Political news coming next

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