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Monday, April 04, 2011

In their own words

"the speaker reminded the president that there is no 'deal' or agreement on a final number, and that he will continue to push for the largest possible spending cuts,"
Mike Steel
Speaker Boehner (R)

But let's understand ... Instead of cutting something they will end up cutting nothing and people will be laid-off ...

Tea party making deems scared ... Again

Larry Reid: "the tea party is not looked at very strongly around the country, the only attention they get is in the no use of representatives and they shouldn't be getting that attention.
Face the Nation: are you saying that speaker Boehner and the republicans that have been here a while are across of the tea party?
Reid:that's a pretty good choice of words. The answer is yes.

Chuck shiner:the American people are seeing the tea party for what it is, extreme in their popularity an dis declining.

Paul Ryan says he can cut $4trillion in 2012 , and figures he can still keep Medicare/Medicaid/and social security with his plan. On the plans is to give the Medicaid money to the states and let the states hand out the moneys instead of having the Feds do it ... And hopefully cut down on fraud.

But let's figure this ... There will be a shut down.
Neither side will do the right thing here and cut something instead of nothing ... It's kind of like someone who figures they can never pay off the credit card bill so they will keep putting purchases on it and just make minimum payments.
They will never get ahead of things.

$33billion may not be enough, but it will HELP ... Its kind of like canceling cable because you over draft every month ... A little here, a little there ... It all adds up.

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