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Monday, April 04, 2011

I blame ... Well everyone, really

As a girl I thought how great it would have been if they simply outlawed the car and went back to horse/dog power to get around ... As an adult I keep thinking how much I wished that we could go back to horse drawn power to get along ... At least until winter sets in or it gets really hot int he summer -then I'm for the heat and AC ....

But gas prices have taken a 5¢ jump since Friday! (and yes that is the cents sign ... Isn't it cool? iPad still has it available)

All this can be linked to Libya ... And the policies going on

17.6% price per gallon increase since protests began
$108 price for barrel of crude oil
15 out of 16 number of days when gas prices have gone up ... No more getting that weeks-cushion, they are changing the prices daily and it's just getting uglier.

And while we don't buy that much oil from khadaffi, we are not allowing AMERICAN oil companies from drilling in our coastal waters either ... We are letting companies from OTHER COUNTRIES drill there but not US comapnies.

Does this make sense to you?

Of course, I can't understand why we are getting involved with another countries internal struggles, be it a revolution/rebellion or civil war, I know the UN went in ... But I haven't heard anything about people being massacred who weren't part of the protests.

I mean it's not like Iraq where saddam hussein gassed and in tire village because they were of a different religious sect .... It's not like Uganda where people were having limbs cut off and in tire villages killed because they were a different race/tribe ... It not like china where simply having a religion or talking about it will land you in jail ... Ok, maybe like china, you get caught talking religion in that region of the world and you can be charged with a crime.

And then you have to realize that most of the gas hikes are based on SPECULATIONS ... Stock holders predicting a future problem with the oil supply. Not the supply we have now, but what they wink will happen in the future .. And yes it will effect your heating bill next winter ... And your taxes ... And your food ... And clothes ... School supplies ... Fast food ... Etc.

Look at the computer you are reading this on - how much oil product do you. Think is used in it? Think it's just the plastic skin? Guess again.

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