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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing My Blog

I have several blogs out there ...

this one
one for old time radio/film
and I USED to have one for the farm ...

Garden Fork, check out their clips on youtube and their two podcasts on itunes (or at their website ... hey mention me too!) .... ANY HOW ... they used to offer a free blog for members of the site ...

I had photos and posts and lots of stuff on there ... all about life on the farm and what I was doing in the gardens around here ...

well last year (maybe a little longer) they decided to switch formats on their page and chucked the members-blogs ... so there went all my stuff.

I thought I had saved the photos (according to the site it sent them to my email, but it was really just a link to them) but they are all gone now ... luckily nothing too heart breaking.

I miss not being able to go back in and see what things worked or didn't work last year ... etc. so I'm contemplating starting yet ANOTHER blog on blog spot ...

I don't think there is a limit ... but it is a matter of "how much is too much" and "would I actually post to the other blog?" ... hmmm, I don't know.

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