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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Numerology Class

New numbers to share for this afternoon:
In the Context of History,
America's Best Days Are ...
31% In the Future
53% In the Past
16% Not Sure
Rasmussen Reports Poll
1000 likely voters
APR 21-22, 2011
MOE: +/- 3%
Rating Your Personal Finances
43% September 15, 2008
35% Januarty 20, 2009
30% April 26, 2011
(same poll as above)
Your Home (house)
50% home is worth more than mortgage value
50% buying home best investment for family
19% owners believe value of home will go up over next 12 months
(reported in interview, Scott Rasmussen, "America Live" FNC, 26APR2011)
(btw - in a speech at Ellis Island, President Obama equated the ancestory of African-Americans who were brought over on slave-ships to those of illegals crossing the southern border ... apparently that wasn't recieved too well)

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