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Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a pleasant Mothers Day and that all you mothers out there got your well deserved appreciations ...

I had a quiet day ...

My hubby & kids insisted I go to church this morning ... And I'm happy to say I did not burst into flames ... But my youngest daughter led me to believe that there was going to be something special for the mothers, which there wasn't but then we don't have that many kids in the Sunday school any more ...plenty of births ... Plenty of baptisms ... Just no kids in Sunday school and a few more that go for confirmation later.

When we returned home the oldest daughter pointed out that there was a flower box on the front steps ... Much to my husbands displeasure - he had hoped it would be a surprise.

Then my youngest got tripped up by the dog on the concrete and fell ... She said she seemed ok except for a bit of achiness (I'm keeping a close eye on her)

So hubby took the two girls with him to do some shopping so I could get a nap in, while my youngest son was supposed to work on the kitchen ... But kept me up instead. Although he did do a load of dishes ... Oh wait, no that's right I had to unpack the dishwasher and show him all the gunk he left on the dishes and had to rearrange it for him. Like I said ... No nap.

When hubby got home I split up the big bag of chicken nuggets, the chicken patties (hubby loves them ... They are losing their favor for me), the huge bag of noodles and finally the big sack of grated cheese ... My normal duties after a trip to the warehouse store ... So no huge deal. I kind of like the zen-ness of it.

Oldest daughter took off to spend the day with her boyfriends family ... HIS mom and grandma ... Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself ... After all the stuff I've done to help her with her school work this year, her first n college, and she goes to some one else's mom on mothers day ... It hurt.

My youngest daughter made me a book of poetry she made up herself ... I like it, but I have to get a book to put them in .. She was going to poke key rings to hole it together but gave up when she found the ring was going to rip the paper not poke thru it as she planned ... But that's okay ... Like I said ... I have to get one of my books for it.

Hubby made supper ... Granted it was just goulash ...which he makes for the family when I'm sick too ... But he had some issues with it this time. I didn't want to hurt his feelings but I had just got done sharing some chips with the youngest and was rather full ... And the noodles got a little pastey on him ... I'll add cheese to the left overs tomorrow and another can of cream of mushroom soup and no one will be the wiser.

That box contains some lovely flowers which I wasn't able to get to until about 8pm because KP duty was having issues getting done.

I did get in a couple of naps though so that was nice.

Number one kid had to go to work this morning ... But when he came home he ... went straight to his computer and I haven't heard "boo" from him ... Not even a happy mothers day. Oh well what can I say.

As unspectacular my day was ... Sorry it just wasn't ... I know that it was a lot better than a lot of mothers got today ... Somewhere out there is a mother who sat at home waiting for a single of her kids to call ...

Somewhere there was a mother getting bad news from some official ... Somewhere there was a mother who had to visit her child in jail ... Somewhere out there was a mother crying & praying her child was going to be alright for another day ...

So ... How was your mothers day?

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