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Friday, May 06, 2011


the more I see of the new movie "Thor" coming out, the less I have confidence in it ...

the muscular development of the main actor isn't near close enough
his hair is wrong
his accent is wrong
his size is wrong
he's just WRONG
the storyline seems to be out of sync with the comic storyline (totally out of sorts)
the costumes are too stylized, too "stereotyped"
the dialogue I've heard in the previews it is pretty lame

they don't seem to be putting the same effort behind this one that they did "Spiderman 1", "Batman", "Iron Man 1 & 2" ....

this feels like a "cookie cutter" production ... they test to see what sorts of things kids like and threw it all into one film.

I'm guessing the average screen shot for this one will be about 2.5 seconds ... so sad.

Its really a good storyline ... too bad it looks like they are going to ruin it.

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