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Thursday, May 05, 2011

His Royale Pain in the @rsn President Obama

Alright so Obama is in NY today to leave a wreath at Ground Zero in memory of those lost during the 9/11 WTC disaster. Especially now that they (supposably) got Bin Laden ....

Very nice gesture ... Very Presidential! Although considering that he has been in office for over two years now, it's about time he got ther ... That's right - Obama has not been to WTC plaza since he took office (is it any real surprise though? He'd might have to give up a golf game)

He is also going to visit a police precinct and fire station who lost personale who were trying to save victims that day as well .... Ok, that's really nice too.

So he's eating lunch with the fire fighters ... Ok, I kind of like that ... And since he is going to their house he will eat whatever food they will have prepared, right? Well minus anything he's allergic too -- I think we would expect that from any guest.

"this what we have, you are welcome to partake"

They have released the menu for the lunch at the station:
Egg Plant Parmesan
Pasta in cream sauce
Spring salad

When I first heard this menu I thought "maybe he's having it catered for them" nice gesture ... Then they said that the firefighters would likely be prepping it themselves, that seemed like weird menu ...

But now that I've typed it up ... It makes a bit more sense ... Here's what I'm thinking it is ...
Egg plant Parmesan
Pasta with cream sauce AND scallops & shrimp
Spring salad

THAT makes much better sense to me ... F course it's a fire station I could never work at ... You have to wonder about what they do if a fire fighter has an allergy ...

Think about it, that menu has 3 out of 5 top five allergies ... Wheat, dairy, fish/seafood
(the other two are peanuts & soy)

Actually the president is comng under quite a bit of controversy/scrutiny by the 9/11 families because he is only paying attention public ally to the WTC victims ... There have been some very public statements from those who's family members parrished in PA and those who lost members at the Pentagon.

Which is raising cries of Obama using this time only as a photo op and for getting free campaigning for the 2012 election. And I can kind of see their point.

Like I pointed out before that this is the FIRST time since being elected that he is going to WTC plaza ... I have not heard if he has ever gone to the PA site or the memorial at the Pentagon.

They say the Pentagon gets VP Biden and defense sec. Gates ... Huh ... Couldn't take a swing by there before leaving for NY? Imagine that. It could have been a logistics thing, maybe it would just be too much bother to plan a ceremony in both places on the same day ... Oh wait - it's the Pentagon, their day starts at 5am!

These ceremonies are planned for the media ... So yeah, I guess it is a political campaigning thing ... So the real question is - is Obama doing anything any differently than any other president? That I'm not so sure of.

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