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Friday, May 06, 2011

Election 2012: debate focus group/analyst panel

UPDATED: Stupid blogger - it ate my last corrections because it doesn't like the html ... that IT put in for me. huh?  So I will correct what spelling errors I can but I know I will be missing a bunch
So I caught part of the fox news show "Hannity" and they had a group of people who were giving their opinion of the debate ...


They were impressed by Cain, and it didn't bother them that he had no political experience, in fact for many it was a PLUS!


One of the biggest issues people had with Obama before he ran was his LACK OF EXPERIENCE BEFORE HE RAN ...

How STUPID do these people sound now??!!!


There was one guy who actually equated running a business with running the country ... Hello - reality check!

Look you IDIOTS ... There is a huge difference!

For one thing, when you are running a business people aren't likely to tell you NO ... Generally you get to tell the board what you want done, you get to take vacations when you want ... And if you make an error with predicting what your competition is going to do, it will rarely lead to. Having a nuclear bomb shoved up your derrière!
So what did the fox news panelists have to say?

Rick Santorum:
  • Juan Williams liked how he answered in a very PC way about Newt Gingrich (who wasn't there) when he said "we all make mistakes"
  • John Fund felt he handled himself well
  • Joe Trippi felt he missed an opportunity to point out his outsidership from the DC political machine
Tim Palenty:
  • Juan Williams thought he stood above the crowd and "looked the adult on the stage"
  • John Fund thought he had really good answers, he fessed up on making a mistake on Climate Change ... Felt he would do very well in the Midwest were they want a conservative republican without the sharp edges.
  • Joe Trippi felt that Pawlenty dropped the ball by not bringing up the fact that he is a washington-outsider, and that he could get to be one of the people who Obama would hate running against but he didn't do that in this debate

Gary Johnson:
  • Juan Williams felt he exceeded expectations
  • John Fund felt he held down his libertarian base, but didn't expand it much
Ron Paul:
  • John Fund felt he held down his libertarian base, but didn't expand it much
Herman Cain:
  • Juan Williams said he was surprised to hear news that the public felt he won the debate
  • John Fund felt that he was the new "home town favorite"
  • Joe Trippi felt he won hands down because he felt he was the only one who wasn't a political insider

Donald Trump (not present)
  • John Fund feels he will be exposed as a "carnival barker" if he gets on the stage

 Mitt Romney (not present):
  • John Fund felt he was the loser of the night for not showing up, but it was his name that he mentioned when asked who would be Obama's nightmare opponent in the 2012 election
  • Joe Trippi also felt he was the big loser for not showing up (to clarify he said "the" big loser, not "a" big loser)

Chris Christie (not running):
  • Juan Williams feels he is the single person that Obama would not want to run against right this moment ... because he has that same Washington-outsider feel to him that people seem to be craving, but still has the political savvy
  • Joe Trippi agrees that he is one of the people Obama would dred running against

Mitch Daniels:
  • Joe Trippi named him as one of the people Obama would fear running against

Juan. Williams is a FNC regular analyst, and used to work for NPR until his very public dismissal over his political views
John Fund works for the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) ... Also mentioned that no president has ever been re-elected with unemployment over 7.2% and it's currently at 8.8%
Joe Trippi is a Democratic Stratigist ... Who apparently shows up on FNC quite a bit, but it's the first time I've seen him.

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