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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Time Up North

Well the weekend was very wet ... And I mean WET

We got 2.25 inches of rain at the homestead ... And more than that at the in-laws this weekend.

We thought we'd leave early from up there so we would miss the majority of the weather before it crossed into/onto the route we liked to drive ... Thought if we took the way that doesn't skirt the rivers that we'd be safer ... Since storms tend to follow the airflow/heat currents orpine the river ...

But instead we ran into this:
From Cabin photos

I know - it doesn't look as bad as you think ... WRONG

From Cabin photos

I thought this was just a photo of some low hangers or a downpour ... But, yes, I think that is an image of where the tornado was actually dipping down!
Luckily, it was behind us and we were headed to other direction ... very lucky by the looks of the pictures on the web and on the news.

This is the second time we have seen a tornado out the back window on the way back from the in-laws since we've been married ... The first time our oldest was young enough to be in a car seat and I had to sit in the back with him to hold his bottle while hubby drove. Luckily this time, we had the two youngest with us and they are both old enough to be able to get to a ditch if need be.

We rN into a couple of down pours bad enough to make it tough to see but at least we didn't have to pull over to the side of the road ... or run into any hail.

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