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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take Your Ball and Go Home

So I'm watching Fox News and they have a cop of an exchange, open-mic & in shadow, between Fmr, Pres. Bill Clinton and Rep. Paul Ryan
I'm glad we won this race in NY, but I hope the Democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing."
PR: my guess is it's going to sink into paralysis is what's going to happen. You know the math. I mean, it's just we knew we were putting ourselves out there, but you've got to go out there, you've got to get this thing moving.
they were talking about the two parties differing looks at saving Medicare/Medicaid ... Interesting that behind the scenes they are actually civil, because as soon as Clinton got to the podium - he towed the party line.

So in the discussion afterwards they had on two commentarians ... They ree supposed to "debate" about the exchange.

Simon Rosenburg, Pres, thinktank NDN/Fmr campaign advisor for Fmr Pres Clinton
Ben Fergunson, conservative radio show host

First the sides are pretty well one sided here ... You've got a radio host who is used to being able to talk over whoever he wants and can hang up on people if they disagree with him ( although I don't know if he is that type of person)
The other is a person who Has made it his living to dislike anything that smacks of republican thinking. He is 110% for the party.

That said ... They got speaking about Clinton and the conservative brought in the term "fear mongering" ... His point was that the politicians have to be more like they are off stage than on ... My point is the other debater let him talk WITHOUT INTERRUPTION! Even when he disagreed he shut up and waited his turn.

Now when the democrat got to speak ... Wow ... He got one sentence off and the talk-show host was laughing over the mic at him and talking over him ... Of course he was trying to say the democrats don't use fear-mongering and the talk-show host was trying to get a comment on the commercial where some old lady is being dumped over a cliff.
The democrat for his part READ OFF A CARD "Don't get sick and Die Quickly" (that famous quote from the chamber floor that caused such a ruckus during the Health Care debates and was uttered by a DEMOCRAT about the Republican plan for health care) ...
When the democratic guy said the same think for the THIRD time without rebuttal - the talk-show host couldn't contain himself any longer ...

The talk-show host said that was fear mongering .. To which the democrat - who is supposed to be smart, bright, collective, intelligent - said "SHUT UP" to the other guest and then complained that he was being interrupted.

But the massive interruptions didn't start until the democrat got so rude.

When challenged about it being "fear mongering" this bright democrat claimed that it was "factual correct interpretation" of Ryan's proposed health care plan,

Um .... Can someone tell him that the term interpretation is contradictory to both terms of "correct" and "factual"? Interpretation is the way one looks at something ... it's subjective not objective.

But after that little exchange the talk-show host held off until there was a place for him to chime in - a pause that anyone would have taken as a chance to speak ... He brought up the commercial again and said that it IS fear-mongering and that the democrats have no idea of how to fix Medicare so they are simply trying to scare people into siding with them.

The democrat was then the slightly rude one and started to talk over the other guest ... When the talk-show host tried to speak again ... After the democrat had made his point and was just going back into the "die quickly" routine, they did talk over each other for a little bit ..

To which - probably realizing that he couldn't prod his way thru with talking points or perhaps he didn't want to be there in the first place - he said "why should I come on your show if I can't talk?" (never mind that he had the majority of time speaking) ... Which the Fox host tried to get the talk-show host to settle down so the other guy could finish his point ...

But then the democrat said it was ok for the talk-show host to speak - he GAVE PERMISSION for the other guy to go ... When the talk-show host began to speak, he got stepped on by the Fox host (I'm sure it was just a satellite delay thing not rudeness on her part) ... And again the democrat said that the other guy could go ... Then said

"I'm not talking to you guys"

And took off his mic and WALKED OFF THE SET while in a close-up shot ...

That is just so WRONG and really shows an underlying RUDENESS that shouldn't be stood for ... The gals did it on The View, which was wrong, and so was this.

And the talk-show host was right ... It was like seeing some kid pout at the park because the other kids wouldn't play by his rules.

Someone call the Whaaaaaaaambulance

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