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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The View: Joy Gets It From Barbara

I have to give the View ladies some credit - not Joy Behar of course who is against anything that might make a republican not look like a villain - they were talking about how Fmr. President Bush was invited to go with President Obama to ground zero to make a speech about the capture/killing of Bin Laden.

The majority of the ladies felt that Bush showed a lot of class by saying no, allowing Obama to have his day ... Joy of course came back with some comment about Bush is going to be at Ground Zero - and Whoopi pointed out that Bush won't be there until the anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster ... and Joy was quickly cut off in her response and they went to commercial ...

I think Barbara may be having just about enough of Joy Behar though because when they came back from break, Barbara instantly brought up all the things that Joy said during the coverage of the Royal Wedding:
The queen in her yellow outfit looked like a drunken bumble bee (Elizibeth of course piped up that she liked that outfit)
then they made fun of Princess Beatrice's hat - Joy's response? Apologetic? no it was "that's not a hat, that's a towel rack", Shari said "that hat and that make-up just made the whole thing, like, whoa!"
Barbara pointed out that it was not good form

and while she wrapped it in the guise of it being all the ladies who were on that day ... you could tell that she was aiming the majority of it at Joy.

WELL WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??  You allowed her for 12 yrs to run wild and now you are going to try to pull her in?

Let her be funny yes, but not offensive!  You know that if Elizabeth said ANY of the remarks Joy did while Bush was in office about Obama they would be all over her and she would be getting chastized.

I think Barbara, when Joy got her show on the other network, should have asked her to make a choice between the two ... but I wonder if part of it wasn't a hope on Barbara's part that Joy would have an outlet for her radical-liberal ways so she would mellow out on the show.

And with as much HATE as she spews out against Bush, Palin, O'Reilly, Beck, etc.  I think the President, First Lady, and any one from the White House should say that until it tones down they will not come back on the show ...

I'm sorry but I see Joy going down the road that Rosie went down, only instead of going after celebrities she is going after politicians.

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