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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Guess Is The Answer Is NO

I was away on vacation so I'm a bit late remarking on this ...

Let's face it the question everyone will remember from the Rep. wiener resignation speech will be:


It won't be the remarks of:

Bye-bye pervert
Sen wiener you ate full of crap
Will you maintain your hot physique?

Not even the blazing absence of his wife ... Who had came back from an overseas trip the day before ...

By resigning he will not have to go through an ethics investigation ... But really they should still do it since the question still remains as to whether he misused phones, facilities, or monies to pay for his strange activity ... Misappropriation chargeable things.

Some of the speculation I heard was that since he resigned the democrats will let it slide - like they did when Wm. Clinton was impeached for perjury but they let him stay in office - they will let him slide into the background for a few years, let the issue die down, and then roll him back out as a possible candidate for NY mayor ... Not this election but probably the next one ...

After all, they had even talked about running Billy-boy for Hilary's old seat when she got moved into the White House ...

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