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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Old is New Again

Does anyone else remember when during the campaign Bush called for a meeting on how to save the economy and Senator/ Candidate McCain went and Senator/Candidate Obama refused to give up his campaigning?

Oh look --- he's doing it AGAIN only this time he's PRESIDENT!

Nice way to "lean across the aisle" there, dude, isn't that what you accused the Republicans of not doing?

So what am I talking about?

It's the Economy, stupid ... Sorry couldn't resist the quote, just wish I could remember who said it.

The Republican leaders of the House and Senate each have invited President Obama to meetings to go over the budget and what they are really firm on and what they are more flexible on ... Basically they are asking the President to step in as a type of mediator between the two parties so that something can be done before there are serious irreparable damage to the economy and the US heads for another depression.

Obama has said NO ... Twice

Of course while he's out doing his campaigning he is saying that it is the Republicans fault that things aren't being fixed or even worked on because they won't "cross party lines" or "shake hands across the aisle" as he said during his campaign ...

But the truth is ... HE IS THE ONE NOT DOING IT!!!

no wonder his approval rating is the lowest it's been since the killing of Bin Laden ...

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