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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Digs for the Prez

The President (not just Obama, but the office of President) just got a new plane that is supposed to keep him safe in case of terrorist attack or meteor shower or massive solar flare ... Serious.

It's 231 ft long .... 63ft high ( wonder if that's with or without heels) ... 195 ft wingspan (she's a hippy chick)... Can go 602mph ... And has to have a crew of 112 people .... It can fly for days without needing to refuel ... And it only takes minutes to get launched (bigger rubber band, I guess) ...

To modify this 747 cost ... $223 MILLION ...

Ok - so why can't they do this to every plane? Then there wouldn't be any plane fatalities ... You could move more people ... And it's obvious that you'd have to hire more ground crews too and get America back to work!

Oh wait ....

They're all union jobs ... Damn.

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