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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Numerology class

THIS is why MN has Iowa jokes
2012 GOP nomination Race
21% Mitt Romney
15% Sarah Palin
15% Herman Cain
12% Newt Gingrich
Public Policy Polling
May 27-30, 2011
Partisan Data Polling Firm
481 IA GOP voters
MOE=+/- 4.5%

Ok ... So here is how the voting really turned out:
101.01 Romney
72.15 Palin
72.15 Cain
57.72 Gingrich
303.03 votes

That's leaves the MAJORITY of 177.97 voting for anybody else!

OMGs ... It's high school all-over again!

Oh wait ... Most high school graduating classes are bigger than this sampling!
here's what else will make this a joke ...

PALIN? Really? The woman can't string three words together without looking like and idiot (Bachmann too, btw)

CAIN? The man has NO political background ... Yes he's a business man ... I don't know when he became CEO of Godfathers Pizza, but I'd love to see a truth/thorough look at their books. I have a feeling that they are part of the problem and not the solution ... They certainly are no where near the size they were in the 80s & 90s .... I'm sorry, I don't see it.

I still have to get up a transcript of the presidential debate, but he doesn't impress me at all. While I think his experience might make him as good congressman or czar - I don't think it makes him a good president.
If either of these two come out of IA as a viable candidate ...

It will be the end of the GOP ...

It will be the end of the Republican party

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