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Friday, June 03, 2011

Numerology Class

New unemployment numbers for the month of May are out .... its not good at all.
May Unemployment Rate
May Jobs Report
Jobs Added to the market place
they were expecting 150,000 new jobs so that's really kind of pathetic, especially considering that we are entering the summer months.
in April there were 244,000 new jobs created
Unemployment rate was 9.0%

I just hope that people are remembering what was PROMISED when Obama ran ... and that for the FIRST TWO YEARS of his administration the dems had control of all branches.  So there really isn't any excuse for this ...

I'm betting that during the 2012 election season that they (the democrats) are going to figure out a way to blame this all on the Republicans or 'big business'.

although .... i have to say ... the more I learn about the way big business works their 'profit' numbers to cheat the majority of their share holders the lower my opinion gets (check out UnderCover Boss if you can, it will open your eyes from the BOSSES point of views).


You know that if this had been John McCain's administration - he would have been totally roasted in the news ... it wouldn't be called a 'recession' it would have been a 'depression' right away ... it would have been his fault.

All you hear of it on Obama is 'there may be signs of a double dip recession' and that it is still part of the fall out from Bush ...

its so crappy.

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