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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Share time

The news is so depressing .... I hardly listen to it anymore really ... Not true ... Just nothing I really feel needs much explaining other than to say ...

Nuts to them ...

So I'd like to share this bit of music with you all instead ...
I first heard it about 5 years ago on a podcast called WPBN ... Don't bother to look for it, they folded up their shop shortly afterwards .... But the music I heard on that show have stuck with me and I just love this one ....

Can't listen to it without wanted to sing with ... But always by myself ... Which is probably better for the world, at large.

I have got to get a copy of this ... But I'd want the CD instead of just the song so that I can put it on all my devices no matter what apple decides to do with their updates (evrytime they update, they screw up my library)

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