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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Economic Education

It's time for some more job/economic numbers

August Job Growth (private sector)
July Job Growth
(includes public jobs as well as private sector)
this number does not reflect public sector lay-off/furlough/firings ....
(estimated 10,000 of these throughout the nation)
Nor do I suspect does it reflect losses of part-time workers which generally do not get counted until they look at the "under-employed"
number of lay-offs
in August
(if only this would mean that there were so few the months before that just a few jobs meant a big percentage jump - but unfortunately it means that there were HUGE numbers of people out of work)
July unemployment rate
over all
Unemployment Rates YTD
JAN 9.0%
FEB 8.9%
MAR 8.8%
APR 9.0%
MAY 9.1%
JUN 9.2%
JUL 9.1%
So let me ask ...

How's that CHANGE going?

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