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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Numerology Class

This weeks New Jobless rates are out .... They ain't pretty!
NEW Jobless claims
(yes this includes those who went back to work for the 3 or 6 months that it took to requalify)
12,000 higher than hoped for
Above 400,000
154 out of 162 weeks
7.3 million Americans are collecting unemployment now
(the stat is very "American" specific, so I'm thinking there may be non-citizens collecting unemployment as well .... That would interesting to see)
The CBO expects unemployment to stay at over 8% for another 3 years ... Or about midway thru the next term ...
Under-Bush the unemployment rate was around 5%
13.9 million
Unemployed in July 2011
6.2 million
Unemployed for 6 months or more
from Jan 2009
They expect this number to rise considerably if hurricane Irene makes landfall
Labor Department says that the newest rise was because of claims made by striking Verizon workers
Continuing benefits
DOWN 80,000
3.64 million
For week ending aug 13
Economists saying economy stopped in mid-July (no growth/no fall)
I'm wondering how these new rates/numbers are split across the nation ... I mean is NY and CA skewing these numbers? Does there seem to be one or two particular events that caused it to rise so drastically (as hurricane Katrina did)?

Or is it the horrid economy of CA that seems to be effecting it ... Well ok, not all of CAbut certainly L.A. County which seems to skew the CA numbers - I know they take most of the benefit/entitlement money for the state even though they are one of the lowest earning regions of the state (and not just because so many people are getting federal monies)

The head of the Labor dept. says the worst is still ahead ... So at what point are they going to stop blaming Bush for this? A what point are they going to look at this situation and wonder how anything can get fixed if the president refuses to stay in DC to fix it?

I know that Obama is saying he would like to see some sort of national jobs program ... does this man have any original ideas? I can see this going one of two ways:
1. A CCC or WMP program where the government pays an inordinate number of people to do "make work" ... Hopefully necessary work ... Work that won't give priority to union workers - as so many government jobs do these days.
2. Assigned workers ... Where like the soviet union of old, they will tell people where the jobs are, how many are needed, and where they belong. That lack of freedom of choice,

I can also see a trend where if you are a stay-at-home mom ... A single income family .... You will be SCREWED over when it comes to benefits and old-age ... As the Tea-Party candidates go to the other extreme and pull everything away.

Oops ... I have strayed off point again haven't I?

I think that's the clue to stop now

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