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Monday, September 12, 2011

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CA is trying to pass a law which gives greater legal PROTECTIONS to those driving WITHOUT a drivers liscence INCLUDING ILlegal immigrants

In some counties in CA police set up drunk driving checkpoints (which is pretty unconstitutional because it assumes thT you are guilty and need o be checked) as it stands now if they find someone who is sober but unliscenced they are now allowed to seize their car.

The bill would put a stop to that ... And allow the unliscenced driver to continue on the road ...

Oh and unliscenced drivers will NOT have insurance in most cases because they need a liscence in order to qualify.

  • Police must locate legal owner or authorized Los en Ed driver to get car at check point

  • if the police make a reasonable effort and fail to find a driver, THEN they impound the car

  • unliscenced driver would only be cited/ticketed but not arrested

  • Impoundments at CA checkpoints generated $40million for towing fees & fens

    Only 13% of inpounded (from the checkpoints) cars were connected to charges of DUI

    Between 2007 - 2009, number of cars seized went up 53% at the checkpoints

    ILlegals are PROBITED from having a liscence in CA

    Unliscenced drivers are 5 times more likely to be in an accident
    Unliscenced drivers are 4 times more likely to be in a DUI accident

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