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Monday, September 12, 2011

Numerology class

Waiting more remarks from president - I'm late, was dealing with device guy- and why he's sending the bill (insert chuckle here) to congress now

But some facts they've been throwing on tv while waiting:

14 million unemployed

2.43 million jobs lost since Obama took office

7.2 million people on unemployment

1 in 3 unemployed have been so for more than 1 year!

40 weeks is average unemployment time

Unemployment has been above 9% for 26 months

51.8% of population working, lowest since 1983

Bret Hume, fox commentary/reporter guy had this to say
"you have to understand that it is not in the DNA of the President and his party to reduce spending or reduce the deficit by any other way than by raising taxes on those they don't consider their own, real constituency - this is just not what they believe in, partly it's political but partly it's a real policy difference, it's a matter of political conviction. And as far as they are concerned the spending that the government does is good and the need to reduce it is unfortunate, and something they'd rather not have to do."

(LOTS of empty seats waiting for President to speak)

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