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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Health care ... Coming soon

Just to give you a heads up as to what you can expect. If Obama-Care ever goes through...
84% of running program
UK Govt spending
48% of running health care
US Govt costs
10% UK GDP
17% US GDP
Healthcare expenditures
2.7 UK
2.4 US
Physicians per 1,000 people
UK whas provided:
Free primary care (@ point of use)
Hospital care
8.5 weeks UK
Avg wait-time for general SURGERY
(although in the UK this may mean a doctors appt and not getting an operation - their terminology doesn't always translate well)

So why is this information coming out? Because they are talking about a pre-"Logans Run" situation over there.

While facing an increasingly elderly population, they are proposing to SHUT DOWN HOSPITALS which serve mostly the elderly.

They also purpose that NURSES take over patient care and not doctors ... Not nurse practioners (who should be allowed to treache)

They also purpose making more of the elderly Receive caring at home by family members instead of at care-facilities With trained personnale!

The main call for these cut backs are from the dr who was in charge of their system when the hospital boom took place ... Now the government is finding that they simply can NOT support the system they think was so good.

If you want a good idea of what the health care system is like over there - watch a few of the British sitcoms & dramas ... They may not be totally accurate but they are a big glimpse ....

High mortality rates for diseases we have lowered greatly (like breast cancer & diabetes - while we haven't cured them, your chances are better that you will live a long and happy life afterwards)

Less likely to have a private room unless you have private insurance anyways ... Awe aren't talking just one or two room mates here, while we aren't tLking about 20 to a room like pre-70s they still have 4-6 people in a room and they don't group them according to ailment either ... So you could be in for a broken leg and you neighbor could be in for typhoid ... Okay maybe not typhoid (they'd have to isolate for that) but you get the idea

But the thing that gets me is 8 1/2 WEEKS to see a doctor! This doesn't make sense ... They have more doctors for their population but they take longer? It has to be all the damned paperwork - that's the only thing I can think of.

An operation can be turned down if the GOVERNMENT paper-pusher thinks your chances of survival aren't worth the cost. Like a prostate operation if you are over 50 years of age.

I expect to see the UK go back to a private heLth system within the next 20 years

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