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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Police State Over Stepping ... Yet AGAIN!

South Carolina ... I remember as a freshman in high school going on a trip to visit my aunt & uncle who lived in NC ... During this visit we took a trip to SC to go to the beach (sorry don't remember which one) ... But along the way my aunt pointed out to us the tobacco farmers and it struck me as to how much the economy down there DEPENDED on the tobacco industry.

Not just the farmers but the people who handled the warehouses, the drivers who took the crops to market, etc.

So it is shocking to me to hear that SC is now going to make it illegal for you to smoke in your own car if you have children.


The way I've heard the law stated (from an interview by the congress man who helped draft the stupid thing) is that it will be illegal to snake in your "enclosed car" if you have children with you under the age of 6 years old.

I am not completely without sympathises here - I do think that if you have SOMEONE ELSE'S children in your car then you shouldn't be smoking ... You don't get to dcide the health issues of another persons child ...

My issues are

  • A)it allows the police to enforce/apply a TRAFFIC LAW which has absolutely nothing to do with traffic issues

  • B)the law equates smoking with TXTING while driving ... No it's equivalent to eating while driving, it is the same motion as getting a piece of fruit or a fry to your lips, it is the same motion as drinking from a cup of soda or coffee while driving.

  • C)it interferes with that pesky "Right to Privacy" thing they've got going on

  • D)(as my daughter who is going into Law Enforcement said) The police have more important things to do than pull someone's ass over for smoking in their car!

  • look - people smoked for GENERATIONS around children ... Even in enclosed vehicles ... And they didn't have the issues they are equating to this.

    I think it's time the government stop the BULLYING of smokers now

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