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Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Their Own Words

Nothing quite gets a politician in trouble quite like their own mouth ...

Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme, um, social security has worked for 75 years pretty darn well. You guys have not taken advantage of social security, you contributed to it, it a savings plan, a pension plan - there are no bad guys in social security. So I don't call it a Ponzi scheme. Is it financially in trouble down the road? Absolutely. And are we gonna need to change the structure some how to make it work for the next generations? Yeah.
these words were spoken by Sen. Romney to a group of seniors ...

It is NOT a "savings program" nor is it a "pension plan" as he said ...

It was never set up that way ...

It is a "redistribution of wealth" program basically ... The money that comes out of people's paychecks goes to (a)run the program and (b)senior collecting now (and sometimes their caregivers) and (c)those determined to be handicapped enough not to be able to work

What we need to do is cut down on the fraudulent claims through class (c) there ...

It may not 'save' SocSec but it will help a bit

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