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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Solemn Ceremony —or— Political Show?

NOTE: this was meant to post on 9SEP2011 ... due to an error it was posted late ... very late

I had not meant to post today - but I have to make a public complaint on several things about today's ceremony of the laying of the wreath at the pentagon ...

1)People were giving "cat calls" when the President walked to the place where he was to "lay" the wreath .... FMON PEOPLE! This is a solemn ceremony not a rock concert

2)the President did NOT carry the wreath, it was given to him by a marine and he never really had a hold of it since e marine never let go of it - the marine had it by one hand so I can't see it having been that heavy, but then marines are pretty strong guys and the President is just a skinny toothpick next to them,

3) the President didn't put the wreath on the frame, the marine guided from behind ... Cmon, he couldn't do that much?

4)the camera man was swinging the camera all over the place, so it was an obvious mobile unit - he should have been staying on the president and the news stations should have had a second camera there to catch any fly-overs (which there wasn't one by the looks of it)

Ok - I guess its fairly normal for the President to just 'ceremonially' carry the wreath ... but I think the part that really burned my britches was when the camera man swung back to look at the President and he -- WAS SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS!!!


He couldn't politely tell these people that this wasn't the occasion for that sort of thing -- or even better, just not do it?

I don't get it myself ...

I know that those running for President really need to have that 'self-center' gene in their system that runs full-tilt fast foward ... but I think this is taking it way too far!

It felt less like a solemn ceremony for those who lost their lives and more like the red carpet/velvet rope at the Oscars.

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