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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Numerology Class

31.5 MILLION Americans expected to drive this Labor Day weekend

Avg gas=$3.63
that's up 35%in one year (almost a dollar)

Airfare up9% from 1 yr ago

Hotel rooms up 7% from last yr

Gas $3.99reg in CHicago, $4.13spec, $4.25super, $3.95deisel

ABC news explained about "rockets and feathers" and how it effects gas at the pump:
Rockets=when oil & gas prices soar up together
Feathers=when oil comes down but gas prices lower at much slower rate

Price reductions in oil can take up to 1month to hit the pumps

States where prices fall the quickest
  • ND

  • SD

  • NE

  • KS

  • OK

  • TX

  • MN

  • IA

  • MI

  • AR

  • LA

  • WI

  • IL

  • MI

  • IN

  • OH

  • KT

  • TN

  • MS

  • AL

  • Everyone else lowers much slower

    On Sept 16th winter-blends can be sold which ABC reports is cheaper ... It's not

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