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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Numerology class

With the GOP debate tonight they are coming out with some new poll numbers this morning

LA Times (democratic stronghold of the most major kind)
From Drop Box
This may be tough to read ...

60% of those polled ... And it was a small number, only 1500 voters ... Or about 900 voters ... DISAPPROVE of how the President is handling the economy. This is broken into 40% STRONLY disapprove and 20% somewhat disapprove.

That's a pretty large percentage in an area which has always been looked at as a haven for liberals ... The home of Haight-Ashbury ... It is also a place where nearly half the population (47.8% but this does not include those who live there illegally) is Hispanic which is a strong democratic group ... Where 62% of the population is between the ages of 19 - 62 yrs ... Where 15.3% of the population is living beneath the poverty line ... Where approx 20% of the population doesn't have a high school diploma (about 2 million out of 10million) ...

Al those are factors which tend to "feed" the democratic party ... And come on let's face it - they elected Pelosi!

These are the people who are saying that President Obama has dropped e ball or at least taken his eye off of it ... To be clear - the ball is the economy as a whole (as opposed to jobs or stock market as specifics)

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