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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Die Quickly ....

Remember that big Statement that caused all that controversy during the 2009/2010 congressional season? Some dem (can't recall his name off hand) said the republican plan for long term health care was for people to "die quickly"?

Well Hawaii must have taken it as a mandate because they just signed a law that limits Medicare patients visits to hospitals to only 10 per year!

Yup so people who are sick/dieing are unable to giro the hospital more than once a month on average .... Actually less than that ... There's two months where they better not get sick at all

I understand that states are supposed to cover about 40% of the costs and that many of them are struggling - a LOT - but let's not make the elderly pay for it. Most of whom severed their country during war times and many of which lived thru the Depression and Dust Bowl just to be suffering now

I think part of he issue is the mix up of mediCARE and mediCAID ...

MediCAID costs will go up at least 11% this year, and 19% more next year

CA - you know, Liberal Central - is going to take away coverage for Adult Daycare ... A place where people can take their elderly parents or grandparents or even there adult handicapped child who need all-day care because of not only health issues but perhaps behavioral ones as well - so that their PRIMARY caregivers have a chance to go out and work to bring in an income ... They can meet other people and relieve some of the stress they feel - hey it's hard to care for people who can't be self reliant ... People talk all the time about how stressful it is taking care of a kid, try doing the same stuff with someone who weighs 150lbs and is all arms&legs

Hey also want to limit Medicaid patients to 7 doctor visits a year ... So they aren't even talking about hospital visits, they are talking even going to see the dr ... We do that here easily once school starts and the kids start to share germs

CT (another liberal state) has cut dental visits down to ONCE A YEAR for adults ... Hope you don't have cavities!

Now on foxnews their medical expert was complaining that on Medicaid you are allowed to buy a new wheel chair every two years ....

What does he think that people can get the same quality as hospital chairs? Hospital wheel chairs are maintained by a crew of staff - they have plenty of them so they don't get overly used/stressed at the joints/welds ... Hospitals generally have someone to push patients around and the floors are smooth so the cheaper models with the skinny wheels will work just fine -- that doesn't work in the real world.

And if you have a child in a wheel chair their needs can change drastically in two years ... Heck the needs of my own mother changed in just two years - she could have really benefitted from having an electric chair for doing simple things like grocery shopping.

Have you seen the tiny baskets on the scooters the stores offer? There is no way you could do an entire weeks worth of shopping in those things and it's impossible to push a big cart at the same tome - and even if she could, how would someone reach into the cart to put things on the conveyor belt at the check out?

Naw - this is an Americans With Disabilities issue ... They acnt eliminate this one

Let's not go back to the 30s when it comes to elderly care

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