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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Economic Education

While it isn't pretty -- I will admit that the numbers aren't as bad as they were just a few years ago ... but don't think we are out of the woods just yet ... the American economy is just lashed to a thinner tree is all - but its still taking a whipping.
Government Spending
2011 Fiscal Year
$3.6 Trillion
Government Income
2011 Fiscal Year
$2.3 Trillion
American Debt
$4.2 Billion/Day
(average increase)
Us Government Spending broken down:
$6.6 Million/minute
(wouldn't you love that shopping spree? I'd feel like one of those gals on one of those Housewives reality shows)
Pure commentary here:
Fox News was making a big deal out of spending more than last year - yeah well we all spent more this year than last year, its called cost of living guys ... even government can't escape cost of living increases, the rising costs of paper/ink/electricity/fuel/gas/etc ... of course it would be nice for them to throw some weight behind all the purchases they do to try to keep companies from charging so much ... but then I suppose those companies would just pass that cost onto the regular consumer - since they still have to pay the raises that their employees and the unions insist upon each year (don't get me wrong, hubby and I expect him to get something of a raise each year too - but some of it is ridiculous)
Government over-spending
70 out of 81 fiscal years
more outgo than income
Deficit % of GDP
2007: 1.2%
2008: 3.2%
2009: 10.0%
2010: 8.9%
2011: 8.6%
China Economy
Japan Economy
US Economy
Amt of accumulated debt
1,000 days (present, latest)
79,135 days (past, nations first days)

I don't know ... it looks to me like things are getting better a bit ... the 10% of GDP was when the banks started slipping - the mortgage fiasco that we are still suffering from.

and the numbers they are comparing them to (pre-election) are "false" numbers since it sounds like books may have been getting 'cooked' and we weren't getting the full picture here.

Also those rotten numbers for 2009 would have ran from 17Oct2008-18Oct2009 ... which was the last few months of Bush's term and just as the mortgage bubble burst ... so for this particular fiscal year it would be much more handy to break it down by the MONTH rather by the year ...

I may not be Obama's biggest fan ... not even close ... but I can't see blaming the guy for something he probably didn't do while he was in office.  He did it on the campaign trail.

C'mon, admit it - before the campaign of 2008 everyone thought the economy was fine ... the banks were quietly shutting their doors thru merging and no one labelled it an issue until the candidates got out there with all their scare tactics.

yes more people were losing their jobs - unemployment is always going to be there, sad but true, but it was still only around 5% - but once the McCain & Obama (mostly Obama) started screaming that we were headed towards a new Depression that number doubled!

But the single event which should have given the heads-up to the voters who are belly-aching over the President they put into office should have been the economic meeting that Obama refused to go to ...

Bush realized that something - anything - had to be done to help ... he set up a 'summit' of sorts with both Dems and Repubs to try to figure out what to do ... McCain jumped off the campaign trail to go to the meeting - as a possible future President - Obama decided to continue to campaign ...

and yet he still won ... and even now, three years later, claims he "didn't realize how bad the economy was" ... well maybe, Mr. President, had you gone to this dang meeting you would have LEARNED how bad it was ...

it reminds me of one of my kids who dared to use the excuse with me of "I didn't know there was going to be a test that day" when they got the really bad grade and I wanted to know why they were playing the day before instead of studying ...
my response was "you mean to tell me that there was no way for you to know? It just fell from the sky?"

THIS WAS YOUR NOTICE, MR PRESIDENT and you chose to IGNORE it -- so no excuses dude!  You weren't paying attention in class ...

told you people not to go naming schools/streets after this man until after he got out of office because you didn't know what kind of president he was going to be yet ... but you didn't listen to me .... you just wanted to jump on that history-bandwagon ....

listen to Ginger ... she knows.

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